"That was incredibly quick and very helpful. Your comments and edit letter are crystal clear. I found your criticism to be right on, but the ego stroking bit didn't hurt either!"
--Jamie Schultz, author of Premonitions
"It's been great working with you, Rose. You were always quick to respond while consistently keeping me involved in the process and encouraged. You showed a great capacity to tackle everything from the broadest elements hindering a story to the tiniest syntactical issues. Thank you."
--H.Z. Ilmi, author of The Thirty-Third Marriage of Donia Nour
"Your criticism triggered my metamorphosis from a keyboard-pounding, self-published author to a professional writer who respects both the craft and dedication it demands. Not only did you identify numerous issues specific to my book—which, by the way, were spot on—you also noted some general elements of the genre that, in the long run, I have found even more invaluable. I continue to apply those lessons today. With your expert guidance, along with a lot of work, I took what was a good story and turned it into a good book."
--R.T. Kaelin, author of Progeny
"I hired Rose because I was making a choice in Soulwoven to engage with some of the issues Rose has frequently written about: gender and race and how they're portrayed in epic fantasy. Rose's guidance didn't disappoint. Rose led me away from some failed experiments I should've abandoned long before the manuscript ever got to the public and helped me cinch down some weaknesses in characterization, get rid of some lingering cliches, and fill in a few plot holes. I'm happy to recommend Rose as an editor to anyone looking for a no-holds-barred critique of their book, especially in terms of fantasy tropes that don't hold up under the light of day."
--Jeff Seymour, author of Soulwoven
"These are all good things to think about and exactly the kind of feedback I'd hoped to get. So very helpful. Thank you! I now feel better prepared to write the next story."
--KD James, author of A Place to Start
"I have really enjoyed working with you on this project. Your comments not only helped improved the content and structure of this particular manuscript; they also changed the way that I think about all of my works. I so appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail, and prompt, clear communication. You have made this process easy, fun, and educational, and my work is all the better for it. I am looking forward to working with you in the future and happily recommend you as an excellent editor! Thank you!"
--Audra North, author of Out of the Box
"Thanks for your obviously deep reading of the book...
I can already feel the better book this is going to become."
--Peter Mackey, unpublished author
"I want to thank you for not being shy and giving me a motherly critique ('Very nice!  You just need a little bit of tweaking, dear!') but instead telling me bluntly what needs to shift to have a story that matters. Character development, upping the emotional stakes, introducing risk and therefore tension--all this advice makes me think about the books that I really like, but somehow I needed you to thump me over the head with it for me to really think seriously about how to apply it to my own writing. You've pushed me further than any other person who has critiqued this manuscript. So I'm very grateful."
--Lisa Wynn, unpublished author
"You should totally teach a class on constructive crit. I got some great feedback from you."
--Mikki Kendall, short fiction author
"As one of my editors at About.com, Rose provided advice and guidance that were always top-notch."
--Andrew Rosenzweig, About.com guide to Alzheimer's disease
"Rose is a brilliant editor. In particular, Rose is highly skilled at taking a messy bit of prose and tidying it neatly into something streamlined, elegant, and well-constructed. Rose is also very easy to work with, neither trying to mess with an author's voice nor afraid to speak up when it's actually causing problems. Furthermore, Rose provides suggestions and criticism in ways that are easy to hear--something which many otherwise skilled editors don't always excel at."
--Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D.
"I wrote something for someone else to edit and I am reminded: you have spoiled me."
--Kevin E.F. Clark, #24MAG contributor

Editors and publishers

"Rose is thorough, reliable, clever, and has a deep knowledge of text and the things it can and should do. And Rose has a good eye for spotting things that text should NOT be doing, and for finding ways to fix those things. Rose is good."
--Marc Abrahams, editor in chief, Annals of Improbable Research
"Thank you so much for taking on this assignment! And for turning around the pages so quickly. It's been lovely working with you."
--Meghan Fletcher, Hinkler Books

Teachers and students

"Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come and speak with us. It means so much to us that a person who shares our passions is able to come and talk to us about the various experiences that they have come across. From the first time we met you, you've always been full of ideas and inspiration! We're so glad that we've had the opportunity to know you and hope to stay in touch."
--Tapestry Magazine staff, Hunter College High School
"Thank you for all you have done for Tapestry and Hunter students.  It is always impressive to see students respond to people who work in the real world of artistic production, and the students were certainly fascinated by your work and words.  I suspect you have influenced more than one career path."
--John Loonam, Tapestry Magazine faculty advisor, Hunter College High School
"Rose came to HCES to talk about books, telling the 5th grade students 'It is never too early to write a book.' Rose pointed out the landscape of publishing books has changed with the introduction of the internet. Now writers can self-publish much more easily, and there are also more companies that help writers to self-publish. However, the traditional structure of agents helping writers to sell their books to publishers still works well. Rose also talked a little bit about other aspects of writing and publishing, such as selling film or TV rights, the creation of a parody, and moving from a single book to a series. Our 5th grade students were left with a good idea of what it takes to get published."
--Francesca Bacon, alumni outreach, Hunter College Elementary School
"Thank you again for coming in to speak to our class.  After forming book clubs, we have been writing book reviews using the A-E-I-O-U-Y strategy you taught the children and they have come out wonderfully!"
--Ellen Donegan, 2nd grade teacher, Hunter College Elementary School

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